Problem Statement: People looking for a roommate struggle to find someone who is fit.

My product ‘Rooming’ explores the scope of roommate experience, specifically about roommate and room search. People looking for a roommate want a product that focuses on the roommate search to easily find someone who is fit.​​​​​​​
I created three user personas after creating empathy mapping.

Empathy Mapping: Design tool for gaining greater insight into users

The audience includes users looking for a roommate and potential landlords. 
The primary persona is an upcoming sophomore who is looking for off-campus housing, who is looking for a roommate with a similar personality and finances. 
Secondary personas include a Junior who is going to study abroad and needs to sublease the room for the rest of the school year, and a transfer student urgently looking for a room with a roommate for better adaptation to a new environment.
UX flow: key action​​​​​​​

Mapping of the product's key action considering the problem statement and personas

The product includes key actions of creating account (Sign Up), login, profile, feed for people with match up percentage function, and housing function, search, and message (chat).
Above is my initial prototype of Profile screen and Message screen. Based on those sketches, I was able to create wireframes using Figma. 
The expected outcome for the product is people finding a roommate that can get along well, through the function of the match percentage rate based on their written information. Another outcome is to find someone to sublet the room or landlord find their tenant by uploading the property.
My product is a Minimum viable product, that has features satisfying early customers. I believe getting more feedback from real users would lead to further product development which would add more value to the features of the app.
Searching for housing can be a real problem for a defined audience, especially for a college student. Their limited budget for housing leads them to a roommate search, but there isn’t a specific way to search that can reduce the stress of a roommate mismatch. I consider my product as an effective and feasible solution for getting a roommate who can be fit.

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